Zombie Bike

Die 50 times

Die in a user created level

Die in a high speed crash

Win on the last life of multiplayer 4 consecutive times


Get it with 780 coins in singleplayer

  • Unbreakable Ability


  • The Zombie bike is the ninth bike that you unlock in the shop.
  • It is a Rare bike.


  • The Zombie bike is the first bike that doesn't get destroyed in part of the track parts, you can use this bike at hard levels or somehow hard places to get, although he can get stuck so otherwise try to not get trapped in track parts.

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Zombie Bike in League Without Tires

  • The Zombie Bike has a body that is designed to resemble the flesh of a zombie. The rider al

so has the attributes of a zombie including a missing part of the skull, missing rib(s), and raw legs.


  • If the Zombie Bike over rotates, the zombie can land on its head without ending the current run.

    The Zombie Bike in Bike Race League

  • Although not classified in this category, the zombie bike is unbreakable. It can be impaled on parts of the track and land on its head without dying. The zombie bike can also die by falling off the track.
  • This bike can perform the Scissor Lock.
  • This bike is common in multiplayer.