• The Wild Wings Bike is a One Star Tournament Bike that you can get by collecting its back, front body/suit, and head/helmet.
  • You can also earn this bike by collecting the whole thing from a chest.


  • This bike turns into the Super Trooper when mixed with a level 10 Scooter while being a level 10 Wild Wings Bike.


  • This bike has the same speed and rotation as the Classic Bike.


  • Black wheels.
  • Silver metal parts.
  • Silver boosters.
  • Green lights and windshield.
  • White bike.
  • Green flame decorations on bike.
  • Red seat and metal part.
  • Grey boots and knee caps.
  • White suit with green belt.
  • Grey gloves.
  • Red shoulder caps.
  • White helmet.
  • Green visor.
  • Red decorations on helmet.