The Touchdown Bike is earned by getting 24 stars on Bike Bowl levels and winning 15 tournaments.


•The Touchdown Bike can be unlocked in November and a random date

•You need 24 stars in Bike Bowl levels and 15 tournament wins to unlock this bike.


• This bike is not too different from the Normal Bike, so you must be good with the Normal Bike in order to use the Touchdown Bike correctly.


•Some of the skin is shown

•The Football player wears a blue helmet

•The football player's bike has the colors of the American flag

•Wheels are Black

•Wears blue sweatpants with a white line going down

•White shirt


•Touchdown bike is rarely seen in multiplayer

•He can only be gotten twice a year, making him rare

• If it was starred, it would probably be a 2 star bike.