Super Bike

3x more powerful

Super helmet

Bike doesn't break

  • Super bike is another Unbreakable bike in the shop.


  • Super bike has 3 abilities: High Speed, and bikes with it's speed, Fly easier than other bikes, and of course Unbreakable. You can use this bike to complete hard tracks or getting 3 stars in any track or getting a better ghost record.
  • In the Bike Race Card Game, this bike goes 70 km/h, and uses 2 of 4 Gas.

    The Super Bike in the Bike Race Card Game


    The old Super Bike design


  • The Bike has black wheels and grey metal parts. The middle of the wheels have a blue cylinder connecting the wheels together. The bike is red with a yellow flame design on it and an orange aura on the fire. The turbo booster and the footrest are silver colored. The seat of the Bike is dark red. The headlight on the bike is white. The biker wears brown boots with black bottoms and matching gloves. He wears a blue jumpsuit with light blue strips and dark blue knee pads and shoulder pads. He wears a yellow helmet on his head with a red wave design on it and a dark red dot under it. His helmet has a blueish-purple colored visor and an orange cover above it.
  • The old version of the super bike has a more simple design. The wheels are black with silver metal parts and a red cylinder in the middle of the back wheel. The headlight on the bike is yellow and the turbo booster has one booster instead of two. The bike is red with a yellow flame design and an orange aura. The seat of the bike is red. The biker looks exactly as the Normal Bike's biker. He wears black boots and grey gloves and sports a blue jumpsuit with a white stripe. The knee and shoulder pads are greyish-blue. The helmet is yellow with a red wave design and a yellow cover above the blue visor. You can see the eyes of the biker.

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Super Bike Concepts

  • The rider of the Super Bike is the same person that rides the Normal Bike.
  • If this bike was categorized by stars, it would actually be a 3 star bike, since it has 2 powers.
  • The Speed difference from the Super bike and the Ultra bike is acutually quite noticeable, only being about 0.2 seconds of the speed difference.