Got questions to be answered? Need something done? Have Vandalism to report? Here is the place to do all that, and more! These guys are the monitors of this wiki, without them it would fall into disrepair. But don't be intimidated, they're still fellow racer, just like you!


Hi I'm Japster! Founded this wiki as a place to accumulate knowledge on the game. If you have any questions about the wiki or the game the feel free to ask me! Though you might want to ask Spot or Geit about code...

Jeager117 Is Admin For Already ... Days ... Weeks ... Months and ... Years! I'm bad at coding but my eager at editing had make it up for it! I'm good at experimenting games, if you have any question, ask me!

Spottra Is Admin For Already ... Days, ... Weeks, ... Months and ... Years!

I am mojo331. You can call me any name you would like, because I don't care. I am here almost every weekend to edit, and I come on weekdays sometimes too, so feel free to contact me at any time...............................

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