• Santa's Bike can be unlocked in November and December
  • His Bike is unlocked when you Win 12 Consecutive Races and Get 24 stars in Holiday 3 levels

Strategy Edit

  • His Bike can go in Reverse,so useful when you need to go backwards in levels.
    • Reverse Ability
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Looks Edit

  • Some of his skin and his beard are shown
  • His Bike looks like a sleigh with wheels
  • His wheels are black
  • Metal Parts are gold
  • Red and white suit
  • Green parts on his Bike
  • Brown goggles
  • Black Boots
  • Red and white hat
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Trivia Edit

  • Until Tournament Bikes came out, Santa's Bike was the only bike that could go in reverse
  • This bike can only be unlocked 2 months of the year, making it rare
  • This bike is rarely seen in Multiplayer
  • If this bike would be categorized by stars it would be a 2 star bike since it has 1 power.
  • It can be added to your collection of special bikes.
  • This bike has the same abilities as the XReverse.