Retro Bike

Win 5 games on multiplayer.

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Get 60 coins in singleplayer


  • The Retro Bike is the Second bike you will unlock in this game, and is very easy to achieve. This bike, along with other Original Bikes, is the same speed as the Default bike. Therefore this bike is used for showing ones rank in bike race, and therefore has no strategical/speed differences, than the Default bike.

    The Retro Bike in the Bike Race Card Game


  • Since this is a breakable bike, you need to avoid crashing.


  • Helmet
    • The helmet is brown-orange with goggles similar to a jet flier, and the rubber part is brown.
  • Clothing
    • The rider wears a brown suit with brown boots and khaki pants.
  • Bike
    • The bike is orange with a little brown too. The wheels are black and the middle is tan.


  • In order to get this bike, you do not need to like Bikes Race's Facebook page, just press the link button in the game and return to the game.
  • This Bike is commonly seen in Multiplayer.
  • This Bike's requirements used to be swapped with the Girl Bike's requirements.