Ninja Bike

Win 250 games on multiplayer


  • The Ninja Bike is the fifth bike that you unlock in the shop.


  • The Ninja Bike is the same speed as the Normal Bike, so it's pretty easy to control.
  • Ninja Bike can dodge parts of the tracks easily since he is crouching on the bike, you need to control him correctly so you wont crash into something, the crouching of the driver may help you.


  • The Ninja Bike's design is similar to a racing motorcycle with a completely black body. Two blue headlights and one light orange turn signal can be seen. The rider is wearing a black jumpsuit with a single light gray stripe on the side and has a helmet with a curved dark gray stripe on the side.


  • Ninja Bike appears to be the First bike who crouches and making it easy to dodge some parts in Ceilings.
  • Ninja bike somehow is difficult to unlock, doe of beating 250 players in multiplayer, this cannot really take long if a friend plays with you. While that happens, you may unlock him in less than 1 hour.