Kids Mode

Super helmet

Bike doesn't break

Easier to jump

  • Unbreakable Ability
  • Easy Jumping Ability
  • The Kids Mode is the third to last bike that you unlock in the shop.
  • It is unlocked by buying it or by hacking.


  • The "Easier to jump" means the Kids Mode can fly for a few seconds, this bike can be used for shortcuts.
  • It is also Unbreakable, meaning that it can not die.
  • It is also lightweight, so it is harder for it to fall.


  • Helmet
    • The helmet is yellow with an orange zig-zag pattern running horizontally around the helmet and a purple visor.
  • Clothing
    • The rider is seen wearing a green shirt with a lighter green stripe, blue pants with a lighter blue stripe, brown / black boots and gloves, and purple knee pads and shoulder pads.
  • Bike
    • The bike has a yellow body with two white stripes near the back of the bike. The seat, front mudguard, and panel behind the rider's foot are red.


  • USD: $14.99


  • If this bike was categorized by stars, it would be a 3 star bike, since it has 2 powers.
  • This bike is one of the bikes that doesn't have the word "bike"
  • The Kids Mode is also called the Easy Bike or the Kids Bike.