Summary Edit

  • The Kickass Bike is a Two Star Tournament Bike that is acquired by collecting its head/helmet, suit/body, back and front.
  • You can alternatively get this bike from a chest.
  • The Rarity is Rare.

Strategy Edit

  • It has no abilities, since this Bike is an important evolution material for the other bikes.
  • Since this Bike is breakable, you need to avoid crashing.


  • Black wheels
  • Silver metal parts
  • Blue supporter
  • Yellow lights and front
  • Blue seat
  • Shiny black shoes
  • Bright blue suit with red line across his waist
  • Red shoulder protector
  • Striped helmet with red and yellow
  • Blue grey visor


  • Maximum level is 15.
  • This is the only bike in the whole game that has a bad word (@$$).