• The Japan Bike is a 1 star bike that is in the World Tour/World Cup.
  • This bike is unlocked when you Get the back, front, suit/body, and the helmet/head unlocked.


  • This bike is not very different front the Normal Bike , so you must have skill with the Normal Bike in order to use the Japan Bike.


  • Japan Bike is a big bike that is the colors of Japan (Red and white)
  • Wheels are black.
  • Wheel connectors are grey.
  • Front, seat, and back are black.
  • Helmet has a big red dot and the rest other than the black visor is white.
  • Bike looks like a red sun with a white back ground.
  • Suit has a red line going down with a white back ground.


  • It is not as rare as Holiday Bikes since it can be unlocked longer than 2 months, but it is still one of the rarest bikes because it can not be unlocked any time of the year.