Summary Edit

  • The Italy Bike is a Four Star World Tour/World Cup Bike that represents Italy.
  • To get this Bike, you need to get the front, back, suit/body, and the helmet/head through the Rare Bike Machine.
  • This bike is a Rare Bike.

Strategy Edit

  • The Italy Bike(140 speed) is much faster than Normal Bike(100 speed), so be careful not to crash.


  • Colors of the Italian flag (green, white, and red)
  • Black wheels
  • Bike striped with green, white, and red
  • Blue suit with white parts
  • Shiny blue helmet


  • This is the third fastest world tour bike at 140, the second is the England Bike at 220, and the first is the U.S.A. Bike at 300
  • This Bike is pretty common in multiplayer
  • World Tour Bikes are not as rare as the Holiday bikes Because you can get them longer than 2 months.