The Easter Bike can be earned by collecting 26 eggs and Getting 24 stars on Easter levels


  • The Easter Bike can be unlocked in March and November
  • You need to get 24 stars in Easter levels and Collect all 26 Eggs in order to get this bike.


  • This Bike is not too different from the Normal Bike, so to use this bike properly, you must be good with the Normal Bike.


  • The Easter Bike is dark brown and light brown
  • It has black wheels, just like all bikes
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  • Metal wheel parts are kaki
  • The Easter bunny is big, white, and has a fluffy tail and has pink and white ears
  • The Easter Bunny wears green goggles
  • Brown Hemet
  • Dark Brown coat
  • Green engine lights


  • The Easter Bike can only be gotten twice a year, making it rare.
  • This bike is rarely seen in multiplayer.
  • This bike is not starred, but would probably be a 4 star bike since it is hard to get.