Summary Edit

  • The Default Bike is the first bike you get in bike race. In order to achieve other bikes, you must start out using the default bike, or you can purchase other bikes in the store.
  • This bike's Rarity is Common.
  • It is "An all around classic, equipped when no other bike is selected."
  • This bike has no abilities, so be careful when using it
  • It's speed is 100

Strategy Edit

  • Since this is a breakable bike, you need to avoid crashing.

    The Regular Bike in the Bike Race Card Game

  • The turning is slow compared with the acrobatic bike.
  • In the Bike Race Card Game, this bike goes 20 km/h and uses 0 of 1 gas every time it runs..

Appearance Edit

  • The default bike resembles an off-road motorcycle with a red body and a slightly darker red seat. The rider is seen wearing a blue jumpsuit and a yellow helmet with a red stripe across the back.

Trivia Edit

  • The Default Bike is the first bike you get in the game.
  • Since there are no ability's on this bike, mastering this bike is difficult and is considered to be expert.
  • This bike can also be called the Normal Bike, Regular Bike, or Standard Bike.