Bronze Bike

Get 24 stars in Desert

Get 24 stars in Arctic

Get 24 stars in Dunes

Win 3 consecutive races on multiplayer


  • The Bronze Bike is the fourth bike you unlock in the shop.
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    The Bronze Bike in Bike Race League



  • The Bronze Bike's design is similar to a sport motorcycle with a completely bronze body. Two large exhaust pipes are seen protruding from the side of the bike. The
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    The Bronze Bike in the Bike Race Card Game

    rider is wearing a black/brown jumpsuit with bronze gloves, boots, and a bronze helmet with a black visor and a red light on the back.
  • In League, The Bronze Bike looks rusty and has a darker color tone. The wheels are the only thing that look the same.
  • In the Bike Race Card Game, the Bronze Bike uses 1/2 gas and goes 40 km/h.


  • The Bronze Bike has slower acceleration, but a higher top speed than the Regular Bike just like the Silver Bike and Gold Bike.
  • The Bronze Bike is one of the three bikes that coordinate with the colors of the medal system.