Summary Edit

  • The Brazil Bike is a 4 star World Tour Bike that you can collect by getting its back, front, suit/body, and helmet/head.
  • It is a fast Brazil Bike, representing the country Brazil.
  • This bike's Rarity is Rare.

Strategy Edit

  • This bike's speed is 130.
  • Since the bike is fast, be careful not to crash.

Appearance Edit

  • Black wheels.
  • Grey metal parts.
  • Bike has colors of Brazil (green, yellow, blue circle with a line).
  • Red suit.
  • Small white lines on suit.
  • Yellow, green, and red helmet.
  • Brownish-grey visor.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the easiest hard to get World Tour Bikes to get.
  • This bike is uncommonly used in multiplayer.