The Australia Bike can be unlocked by getting the front, back, suit/body, and the helmet/head of the Australia Bike.

  • The Australia Bike is a 4 star bike that is a World Tour/World Cup bike.
  • It can be unlocked by getting the Front, Back, Suit/Body, and the Helmet/Head of the Australia Bike.
  • This bike is Rare.


  • This Bike is a bit faster than the Normal Bike, so you must be careful not to crash.


  • This Bike is yellow with black in the front and back.
  • The bike has a picture of a green kangaroo on it.
  • The helmet is green with a black visor.
  • The rider's suit is black with a yellow belt and cape.
  • Black wheels.
  • Back wheel has a yellow mudguard
  • Grey exhaust pipe and motor and back.


  • This Bike is the easiest rare WT/WC bike to get.
  • It is the only bike with a picture of an animal on it.
  • It is not as rare as Holiday Bikes since it can be unlocked longer than 2 months, but it is still one of the rarest bikes because it can not be unlocked any time of the year.